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Bread and Salt #28

February 19, 2024 • No Comments
Bread and Salt #28 Too much stuff, too little day For someone who has no formal working hours, I seem to do an awful lot of work. I realise that might be the reason – those who have a 9-to-5, or whatever hours our corporate slavemasters now deem to be appropriate to keep the proletariat in their place,...
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Bread and Salt #27

January 10, 2024 • No Comments
(I'm going to put newsletters here, too, from now on...) Bread and Salt #27 New Year, New Newsletter And new newsletter provider, too. I had notification at the end of last year that TinyLetter (who have been bought out by MailChimp) were closing – with the ‘kind’ offer from MailChimp to use one of...
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Another new newsletter! Pre-order of books - please read

November 6, 2023 • No Comments
Bread and Salt #26 Hello again, and so soon after the last one that I considered calling this #25b, or pre-#26! Things have progressed quite quickly, and I’ll explain my process so far. If you don’t want to know how sausages are made, rejoin us for the last couple of paragraphs.   Firstly:...
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New newsletter!

October 27, 2023 • 1 Comment
The first newsletter in ... 5 years? Yeah. I'm a terrible human being, but most of you knew that anyway. Please check your spam boxes if you're a subscriber. If you're not, and you want to subscribe, then you can sign up here -> Otherwise: here's the...
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Fire Sale 2021

June 9, 2021 • No Comments
Thank you to everyone who participated. 66 books - well over half the stash - went out/are waiting to go out the...
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Making books, telling stories

June 15, 2018 • 1 Comment
Readers may remember this from six months ago, where I posit that making books as a meditation, and possibly a side-business, might be a thing. Well, I bit the bullet. It is now a thing. I've got a couple of projects that aren't going to be 'commercial' in the acceptable sense of the word, and Facebook friends...
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Eastercon 2018

March 27, 2018 • No Comments
Just a quick notice of my Eastercon events. I'll be there from Friday lunchtime through to Monday afternoon, and as well as appearing at a bar near you, I'll be more formally: Settling Other Planets, together with Al Reynolds, Charlie Stross, Yvonne Rowse and Katherine Inskipp, on Saturday at 1:30-2:45pm, in...
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Writing two books in one year, and other stories

February 20, 2018 • 3 Comments
That was 2017 for me. And before I start, it’s not a complaint. Writing isn’t coal mining (tungsten carbide drills? What the bloody hell are tungsten carbide drills? I’m in an incredibly privileged position of being able to earn money doing what I love, something which the...
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A meditation on the making of books

January 19, 2018 • 1 Comment
As I explained in my most recent newsletter (what do you mean, you’re not a subscriber? Get thee hence and rectify matters immediately! I’ll wait... I have made a book. I have made a book, as in the physical object, rather than the words that go in one, although...
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New publicity photographs

November 21, 2017 • No Comments
I am not the most photogenic of people. Let's be honest, I'm not the most people of people. And when someone advances on me with a camera, my reaction is either to scowl or pull a silly face. On occasions, however - usually on pain of death - I have to behave. Gollanczfest was one of those occasions. The...
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