The Mouth of the Tyne

January 7, 2022 • No Comments
(author's note - this story was written for an event at the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne - locally known as the Lit&Phil - and read for the first time on 6th January 2022. All rights reserved.)   The Mouth of the Tyne   The summer of that year was … strange. It held a dreamlike heat. The air was still and the sky...
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Fire Sale 2021

June 9, 2021 • No Comments
Thank you to everyone who participated. 66 books - well over half the stash - went out/are waiting to go out the...
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Making books, telling stories

June 15, 2018 • 1 Comment
Readers may remember this from six months ago, where I posit that making books as a meditation, and possibly a side-business, might be a thing. Well, I bit the bullet. It is now a thing. I've got a couple of projects that aren't going to be 'commercial' in the acceptable sense of the word, and Facebook friends have been watching my attempts to sell practice pieces...
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Eastercon 2018

March 27, 2018 • No Comments
Just a quick notice of my Eastercon events. I'll be there from Friday lunchtime through to Monday afternoon, and as well as appearing at a bar near you, I'll be more formally: Settling Other Planets, together with Al Reynolds, Charlie Stross, Yvonne Rowse and Katherine Inskipp, on Saturday at 1:30-2:45pm, in the Majestic Reading Room (the hotel's the Majestic....
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