*blows cobwebs off*

It’s been a while, for which I apologise. I’ve been busy, I’ve experimented with a newsletter, it’s been plague-time, and … all of the stuff. I have to face it that I’m not only not good at communicating, but also I’m quite happy with not being good at communicating.

So. I have lots of boxes of books that publishers have to send me as part of the contract, and I have an overflowing cupboard of them. Which means I’m willing (if not desperate) to get rid of them at knock down prices.

The rules are simple:

  • £1 per book.
  • You pay postage. I’ll be sending all books via Royal Mail. UK 2nd class Small Parcel in the UK, and International Standard outside of it. Current prices are here (subject to change) – https://www.royalmail.com/sites/royalmail.com/files/2021-03/royal-mail-our-prices-april-2021.pdf. For UK folk, I can send a small parcel (up to 2kg total, including packaging) for £3.20. I apologise in advance if you’re in the USA, but Trump picked a fight with the Universal Postal Union, and it’s not been fixed yet. Your prices are significantly higher than anyone else’s.
  • Pay special attention to the format of the book. I’ve a mix of UK and US editions (the words are, I believe, exactly the same in each) and different sizes/weights. To simplify matters, I’ve added a single letter ‘order code’.
  • Strictly first-come, first-served. When they’re gone, they’re gone.
  • I’ll happily sign and/or dedicate the book to you, or someone else if it’s to be a gift.
  • email brilliantthings@blueyonder.co.uk with your order. Include your postal address. I’ll email you back with the final price including postage, and if that’s okay, you pay me via paypal (link will be included in the confirming email), and I’ll get them in the post within a few days.
  • I’d obviously rather not see the signed copies I send you on ebay a week after I send them to you. Don’t be a dick…
  • All your £1s will all go to ReNEw, because John asked first… I’ve known him for decades now, and can vouch for him completely.

I’ll keep this list as up to date as I can, but be prepared that anything there might have already gone. Sorry about that.

(pb = paperback, MMP = mass market paperback)

(last updated 19:30 BST 14/6/21)

How many What Where from Format Weight Size Order code
0 *SOLD OUT* The Curve of the Earth US Trade pb 350g 21x14cm A
0 *SOLD OUT* Degrees of Freedom UK Trade pb 310g 20x13cm B
0 *SOLD OUT* Equations of Life US MMP 200g 17×10.5cm C
0 *SOLD OUT* Theories of Flight US MMP 180g 17×10.5cm D
0 *SOLD OUT* Degrees of Freedom US MMP 190g 17×10.5cm E
12 Arcanum US Trade pb 690g 21x14cm F
0 *SOLD OUT* Arcanum UK Trade pb 530g 20x13cm G
14 Down Station UK Trade pb 290g 20x13cm H
15 The White City UK Trade pb 230g 20x13cm I
1 Down Station UK Large format pb 460g 23.5x15cm J
2 The White City UK Large format pb 440g 23.5x15cm K
1 One Way US Trade pb 310g 21x14cm L
4 No Way US Trade pb 340g 21x14cm M
16 No Way UK Trade pb 260g 20x13cm N
0 *SOLD OUT* One Way UK Large format pb 430g 23.5x15cm O
1 No Way UK Large format pb 470g 23.5x15cm P