Just a quick notice of my Eastercon events. I’ll be there from Friday lunchtime through to Monday afternoon, and as well as appearing at a bar near you, I’ll be more formally:

  • Settling Other Planets, together with Al Reynolds, Charlie Stross, Yvonne Rowse and Katherine Inskipp, on Saturday at 1:30-2:45pm, in the Majestic Reading Room (the hotel’s the Majestic. For all I know, the Reading Room is too).
  • Then hoofing it across town with Al to the bookshop Imagined Things (4, Westminster Arcade, Parliament St, Harrogate HG1 2RN) for 3pm, where there will be short readings and a signing with us, Paul McAuley, Christopher Priest and Justina Robson.
  • On Sunday (1-2pm, Drawing Room) , I will be fomenting Revolution and Society, with Juliet Kemp, Bradley Beaulieu, Grace Dugan and Laurie Penny

I fully intend to parkrun on Saturday morning, too (it’s even in the programme!), so get don’t forget your barcode!