Robert and Marianne Newton die within minutes of each other: he is killed on his doorstep, she is hit by a speeding car in broad daylight.

Gideon Smith, the only witness remembers nothing.

Torsten Neubauer, a detective from Berlin looks where his British colleagues dare not. He uncovers corruption reaching to the very top of government, a plot that is to end in a coup, and a man who slays his victims with cursed bullets.

Gideon Smith holds the key to a mystery he doesn't understand, despite the dead rising to explain it. Only he stands between a mad man and the end of the world.


Simon Morden

Published 2002 by Razorblade Press

UK ISBN: 978-0954226701

ISBN: 978-1326534882/978-1326534936
Hardback, paperback (Lulu 2016)