The Floodlands Compendium

The Floodlands compendium front cover

A collection of all five separately published Floodlands stories, plus a bonus sixth.

The Lost Bride of Belhaven - Isabella Fontaine, noble daughter of Belhaven, escapes the city before her arranged marriage. But in order to live a life free of family duty, she has to evade the suspiciously tenacious trackers her father has sent after her. Ember offers his help, but will his involvement lead her even deeper into danger?

The Bookseller of Kernizan - A travelling bookseller from the north, a missing Belhaven spy, and something monstrous lurking in the forest – all are connected, somehow. Can Ember unravel the mystery and avoid being eaten?

The Stainfell Temple - Something ancient and wicked lurks up in the Stainfell, and Lord Maddan wants to control it for his Dundarrow masters, no matter the cost to his expedition, his local guides, or even himself. Can Ember save both the guilty and the innocent, or will the fell beast consume them all?

The Mayor of Redmyre - Redmyre is plagued by monsters rising from the depths and destroying the barges plying their trade along the river. Mayor Theodulf suspects a more mundane cause to his problems, but can he steer a course between his Belhaven lords and the upstarts from Dundarrow without provoking war?

The Tower on the Farneybeck - Ember meets a mysterious woman on the ancient road above Farneyburn. But it’s not long before the locals appear, accusing her of kidnapping, murder or worse. In his attempts to make sense of it all, Ember has to try to not make everything worse.

The Lampmaker of Low Street - A series of burglaries in the noble houses of Belhaven has the Bel’s spymaster baffled, as nothing ever appears stolen. He recruits Castilan, one of the Bel’s least favourite sons, to crack the case – but Castilan soon finds himself enmeshed in a web of lies and intrigue that might just get him killed…

The Floodlands Compendium

Simon Morden

Published 2023 by Fell Book Press